Why Daleena?

DALEENA TECHNOLOGIES INC. began in 2003 as a solution to a problem. Our first customer was unable to find the level of quality they needed anywhere in the industry, so our founder, Anthony Penna, created Daleena Technologies to answer that need.

As with many businesses starting out, Daleena is the result of its founder's passion. Daleena came from Anthony's unending fascination with how things worked. With a passion that is still present, this lifelong interest is what drives the culture at Daleena today.

Customers value our years of experience and have commented how our continuous improvement policies have reduced their reject rate and saved them money. This benchmark is part of what brings them back as repeat customers. Most of all, however, they appreciate our ability to communicate clearly to ensure each project is handled right the first time. At Daleena, continuous improvement is practiced daily which has resulted in our consistent rank as a top 10 % vendor with customers.

Equipment and Facilities:

DALEENA TECHNOLOGIES INC. is housed in a clean, climate controlled facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We manage our customers' projects efficiently, utilizing a complete MRP system. From Order Input, Accounting, Materials Management through Work in Process, our system enables us to ensure the timely availability of raw materials and the on time delivery of Finished Goods. Each project is tacked and it's processes are recorded and traceable.

Utilizing our internal part numbering system, Daleena has the ability to fully generate or integrate a Customer's bill of materials (BOM) into our system. Our Test Technicians make use of test equipment, to perform complex testing and diagnostics. Our capability allows us to work from DC to RF.

If you are looking for a supplier to respond to a unique requirement, contact us and we'll discuss it with you.


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